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  1. Everyday Cakes

    Baked, Shared and Enjoyed in Goa

    Hungry & Excited is all about baking at home; where simple recipes meet with our enthusiasm to experiment. We’re inspired by fresh and homely cakes. The kind that need no occasion. The kind that can be rustled up simply, with a fuss-free recipe and some fresh ingredients, but are packed with warm memories of happy days.

    We work out of our little home kitchen in Dona Paula, where we live. We’re hungry for wholesome home-baked goodies and we’re excited about making them for you!

  2. Feeling Kinda Hungry?

    • Our personal favourite, this Apple Cake convinced us to start Hungry & Excited. It's a simple buttery sponge cake, with pleasant interruptions of cinnamony apple thrown in. Have it with a big mug of coffee, or topped with vanilla ice cream, or a dollop of fresh cream, if you're feeling particularly posh.

    • Start your morning with a generous kick of bananas, warmth of cinnamon and the goodness of whole wheat. This banana cake is the result of several experiments. We tried everything from chocolate chips, to nuts, cinnamon and rum, and finally realized that some classics are best left untouched. If you’re over 18 and want the adult version, as for the heady addition of rum, and we’ll happily oblige!

    • Every home-baker needs a good, dependable chocolate cake for the chocoaholics in her life. The definitive crowd-pleaser that needs no occasion or reason other than to take a chocolate craving, head-on! This is ours. Serve it up warm or with ice cream and hot sauce. Or better yet, savour it all by yourself, when nobody is looking.



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    All our cakes are tasted by multiple Guinea Pigs before they make the cut. Each of them are carefully inducted with just one request—“Be completely honest!”

    • “All the three cakes (apple, chocolate, banana) have that girl-next-door quality making them simple and irresistible, but the apple is the one I’ll make a movie on.”

      Joy loves fishing and cooking and eating

    • “I like the cakes H&E makes because they remind me of home and everything warm and comfortable. They remind me that not everything needs to be glossy and jazzed up.”

      Ranjan loves Old Monk, gobi in any form and Windows

    • “A-for Apple, B-for Banana C-for Chocolate. In that order. That’s 3 days and 3 cakes and then on loop, I say!”

      Shashank loves beer, anything sweet and all things percussion

    • “H&E makes the kind of cakes I love to eat, but do not have time to make. Once I got a cake baked at two hours’ notice! The cakes are delivered with care and on time.”

      Gulnar loves her kids, Zumba and whole wheat bread

    • “The forbidden fruit strikes! I loved the apple cake – promising aroma and a really juicy core. Maybe a little less sugar but I’m not complaining.”

      Maneesha loves planning parties, drinking scotch and Mohan

    • “The moment the first bite went in, the wait was worth it. Especially the apple cake. Not gooey, not tooooo sweet, super aftertaste!”

      Ravi loves barbequeing stuff, cycling and John Lennon

    • “The apple cake doesn't stand a chance unless you're out of chocolate cake”

      Udaya loves books and anything that’s anti-apple


    • What is an “Everyday Cake”?

      Hungry & Excited was born out of the idea to share the kind of cakes we baked at home. And because we bake them almost every day, they’re homely, non-fancy and need no no-occasion to be enjoyed!

    • Why do you only have three cakes on sale?

      We’re not a commercial kitchen (as yet), and operating out of a small home in Dona Paula has its restrictions! But we’re always experimenting and plan to introduce more goodies as we build our baking skills and expand our repertoire.

    • What’s the best cake on offer?

      It really depends on what you’re in the mood for. Vivek swears by the Apple Cake, as do most of our customers and friends, while Revati loves the simplicity of the Banana Cake. If you’re having trouble deciding, see what our Guinea Pigs have to say.

    • I’m home bound, but I want cake! Would you be willing to deliver?

      If you live in and around Dona Paula, Taleigaon or Caranzalem, and you happen to order on a relatively free day, we might be able to swing by and drop off your cake. But until we have more hands (and a few wheels) to spare, we’re afraid you’ll have to come to us to get your cake.

    • What if I order a cake but am unable to pick it up in time?

      Our cakes are homemade and preservative free, so its best that you pick them up the day you order them. If you don’t collect it in time, it’s likely we’ll share it with our Guinea Pigs, or eat it up ourselves :)

    • I have a celebration coming up. Can I make a special cake request?

      Yes, if it seems feasible within the spectrum of our Everyday Cakes. If you’re looking for a three-tier red velvet cake, or a one of those special shaped cakes with fondant figures we’re not the right people for the job. Call Revati on 95525 38178 and she’d be happy to figure something out. Maybe even point you to some of her baking buddies who can help.

    • It’s my wedding and I need 50 Apple Cakes. Can you make them for me?

      No, we’re not equipped to handle orders that large as yet. We can handle up to 3 cakes per day. So call in and check with us!

    • It’s my friend's birthday but I forgot to order cake! Can I get one in an hour?

      Ideally, no. It takes a minimum of 3 hours to get a cake ready to deliver. So call is as soon as that craving strikes, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

    • Do you take baking classes?

      Not yet. Because Revati is still quite the student herself. When she isn’t baking cakes for Hungry & Excited, she has her nose buried in food blogs, online videos and cookbooks. But if you’re also a home-baker and would like to share tips and tricks or just chat, give her a buzz!

  5. Who's Hungry & Excited?

    We’re a couple. A couple of foodies. We live in Goa and in case you haven’t already guessed, food is a big part of our life. When we’re not eating out or cooking in our kitchen, it’s likely we’re dreaming about our next meal.